There are nine well-known prep schools on the east coast of the U.S. There is also a secret 10th school called The Providence School. Located in rural Maine, it’s a high school school dedicated to the study of time travel.

At Providence, you are encouraged to keep your dorm room clean and surgically change history, but only with explicit faculty instructions. Go rogue and you are a traitor to your country subjected to military execution. Follow the rules and you will travel into the past, mess with the timeline of life, tinker with events and reset the course of history on both a personal and global level.

Let’s meet our new recruits:

SAGAN SANTOS – On the run most of her childhood with her fugitive mother, she longs for a family of her own. Will she find it with a group of misfit friends at the Providence School, the only boarding school that teaches students how to time travel and “fix” history?

MAIZ MILLER – Sagan’s best friend. His power? Street smarts. Can he juggle renegade Russians, power mad Nazi’s and gutsy Sagan’s skepticism that love and historical ass kicking don’t mix well?

MEMPHIS O’CONNER – A Dreamer facing deportation, she must save her family by learning how to time travel for the US government. Can she deal with her secret feelings for both Sagan and Maiz?

STONE MCKAY – A Harley driving, tat-covered, dumpster diving bad boy, Stone is the muscle on time travel trips. Is Sagan the ride or die yin to his reckless yang?

LUKAS BRAVO – A World War II fly boy from 1944, his biggest fight is falling in love with a girl from 2024. What’s more romantic than fighting Nazi’s together, especially when the invaders are racing down Fifth Avenue trying to take over New York City?

DIANA/DUCH – Beloved mother of royal sons and believer in psychic matters. Can she trust a group of teenagers from 2024 who insist that they can save her life?