Ascenders: X-Catcher 

Book Five

The Fifth Book in C.L. Gaber’s best-selling adventure of an after-lifetime.

Forced to go on the run from her high school for the recently departed, Walker Callaghan must go rogue in a lawless afterlife realm called The Other. She’s shot, kidnapped, and forced to fight for her existence.

Can she save her rebel love interest, Daniel Reid, or will fate twist and finally unite her with the man who insists he is her future: Cass Danko? An exhilarating race over untamed lands is filled with the famous and infamous, friends old and new, and time-travel adventures to epic historical events. Locating the elusive X-Catcher—a spirit who does the math—is her ticket back to the Midst.

Walker must ask herself: Can I ever go home again? Should I go back to fight for what’s right?